Green Acres Opera Nights Menu

Lenoble Champagne on Arrival


Crevette Prawns Panfried In Garlic Butter with Squid Ink Orzo Risotto and Parmesan Snap

Bressola With Smoked Chicken Mousse, Crisp Rocket & Parmesan Salad

Baked Meadowfield Goats Cheese in Oatmeal Crumb, Walnut and Onion Pickle, Sweet Sherry Caramel


Grilled Fillet of Beef, Brioche Crouton, Panfried Fois Gras and Sauce Reform

Black Sole on the Bone Meuniere

Wild Wicklow Game Pie with Braised Kale and Pickled Cranberries

Vegetarian Special of The Day


Chocolate and Baileys Profiteroles

Caramelised Apple and Strawberry Crumble

Baked Stone fruits with Chartreuse Jelly and Raspberry Sorbet

Selection of Irish & French Cheeses        
(€4 supplement)