All about Wooden Barrels: How They Enhance Wine


Even if you don’t drink wine, you’ll be aware of a relationship between wooden barrels and wine. Is it me or does it seem that every home design magazine and antique shop, recently is featuring wine barrels. You’ll have seen these repurposed into tables, outdoor bars, and other pieces. However, the barrel played a critical […]

What You Should Know About Balsamic Vinegar


It seems that in the last 10 years or so, balsamic vinegar has become more of a ‘thing’ on the culinary stage. I’ve noticed this because we are getting more queries about it in our shop. Questions like, what is the difference between balsamic vinegar and other wine vinegars? Are there different types of balsamic […]

Dry January, Wine Trends and Weight Loss.


I wonder did people bother with ‘dry January this year? I mean haven’t we enough on our plates to be worried about? In a year that had a pandemic, unusual USA elections, and Brexit, you would forgive me for wondering where to start, when looking back at 2020? I suppose the main disruption to all […]

Winter Drinks for Festive Nights


Seriously, I cannot believe it is 12 months since I wrote a blog post about mulled wine – All You Ever Wanted to Know About Mulled Wine. So, this year I’m going to expand my topic a little and provide you with some recipes for winter drinks. Whether you need a Christmas drink to serve […]

What Do Wine Tasting Terms Mean?


When we hear sommeliers, wine enthusiasts, or retailers using wine tasting terms it can sound superfluous, snobbish and perhaps a little silly sometimes. Even if you are interested in understanding them, it can be a confusing and daunting task. Take my word for it though, it isn’t a secret language the wine pros use. We […]