All You Ever Wanted to Know About Mulled Wine.


Have you every really thought, in depth, about mulled wine? At this time of the year – I do. As the nights draw in, nothing quite warms up frozen fingers more than a cosy beverage. And as this festive season unfolds, we search out hot drinks with booze, that you can have to keep you […]

Wine and Soups Can be the Perfect Autumn Partnership

meal including wine and soup

I suppose at this stage of the year you might be lamenting the end of summer and the white and pink wines that go with it. And, as the seasons change, you might well be thinking about changing your food and wine preferences. Well, have you noticed that, with the Wexford Festival finished, Halloween celebrated […]

Understanding What Makes a French Grand Cru Great

Donal Morris portrait shot

I wouldn’t be the first to point out that wine labels can be incredibly confusing. My colleague James O’Connor wrote about the nuances of wine labels on this blog last year – How to Understand Wine Labels and Bottles More Easily. In France, the labels can outline the region in which the wine was produced […]

Harvesting Bordeaux and Burgundy – Patrick O’Connor

Patrick O Connor in Burgundy

Working in the wine business does not mean sampling glorious wines from around the world, willy- nilly. The wine trade is just like any other retail business and requires just as much business acumen, in addition to the all the wine knowledge that must be absorbed. I am 7th generation O’Connor who has worked in […]

All We Are Saying Is “Give Sweet Wines A Chance”.

Selection of Sauterns Bottles

Here’s the thing – a lot of people, even those who do not traditionally enjoy wine, do like a sweeter tasting wine.  However, many of those who have tasted a flabby, sickly sweet Moscato, or an overly sugared Riesling, have sworn off sweet wines for good. I hate to hear this, so I’m asking you […]

Is the Making of Iconic Wines an Art or Science?

stack of wooden wine cases

Recently, while undertaking a tasting of wines for our Green Acres Summer Wine Sale, myself, Donal Morris and my son Patrick debated what are, and what makes icon wines – iconic? We debated about the grapes, the regions, and the winemakers. In essence, I suppose, we were discussing the art vs science topic of winemaking.  […]

What’s the Difference between Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and Vegan Wine?

drips of water on vine

Let’s face it, a lot more people in general, are becoming more conscious about what they are consuming. Wine is no exception. We all have heard of somebody that has turned vegetarian or vegan for health reasons. Because of this trend, organic and natural food and drink is a growing retail segment. As more people […]