What Do Wine Tasting Terms Mean?


When we hear sommeliers, wine enthusiasts, or retailers using wine tasting terms it can sound superfluous, snobbish and perhaps a little silly sometimes. Even if you are interested in understanding them, it can be a confusing and daunting task. Take my word for it though, it isn’t a secret language the wine pros use. We […]

In Defence of Drinking Alone During a Coronavirus


Many of you are aware that during the recent lockdown and current COVID19 restrictions, the sale of off-trade alcohol grew – a lot. Particularly wine sales. So, we wondered was this, as a result of more families drinking together, more single people drinking alone or just because pubs, restaurants and shops were shut. This led […]

Your Questions on Orange Wine Answered


The main question I want to answer in this post is what the hell is orange wine? First of all, let me assure you that orange wine is not made from oranges but from grapes! I want to get a little technical first and talk about maceration. You’ll understand why as you read on. Then […]

Pairing Wine and Cakes


OK, so I’m still on the ‘cooking during COVID’ theme (see my recent posts Your Questions Answered About Cooking with Wine and Pairing Wine and Takeaway Food), but this time I want to build on the baking-at-home phenomenon. More specifically on the pairing of wine and cakes. I will admit that I have a sweet […]

12 Common Wine Myths, Debunked

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In this post I want to debunk a number of common wine myths. The current coronavirus, has resulted in a rise in sales and consumption of alcohol. We can attest to that, here in Green Acres, particularly the sale of wines. Despite the increased consumption though, many common wine myths prevail. I did write a […]

Your Questions Answered About Cooking with Wine


We are all painfully aware that millions of people are self-quarantining at home or are under lockdown, during this coronavirus pandemic . “StayhomeStaysafe” has become a familiar mantra. Many people have turned to hobbies and pastimes that bring comfort in these uncertain times. One of the most popular appears to be cooking. More and more […]

Pairing Wine and Takeaway Food.


Ireland’s affection for takeaway food has risen steeply over the years. From the humble battered cod’n’chips to the huge variety available in recent years, people have expanded their takeaway food tastes and practices. Up until the outbreak of COVID 19, you could search online and find almost any type of takeaway food that tickled your […]