Hickey Aidan

Aidan Hickey studied painting at the National College of Art and English and History at UCD. After college he exhibited paintings in the Ely Place Gallery, the Carroll Building, the Davis Gallery with the Living Art group and the Municipal Gallery’s 1966 celebration of 1916.

Having taught for six years, he took a Postgraduate Diploma in Animated Film-making at Hornsey College of Art. Back in Dublin he worked as a free-lance illustrator. From 1979 he produced animated films for RTE, winning numerous festival prizes. He wrote and directed “The Boy who had No Story”, winner of Best Children’s Film and Best Animation at the 2004 Irish Film and Television Awards.

AH has always admired the work of Magritte and de Chirico. Despite its incongruity, Surrealism is realistic. The best teachers of realistic painting are the Old Masters. For AH, the masterworks of the 15th to 18th centuries are an invaluable source of technical knowledge and of inspiration. His current paintings set out to juxtapose ideas from the classical era with imagery and concepts from 20th century art. The results are not always incongruous.

Since returning to painting in 2005, AH has exhibited in Airfield House with former fellow students from NCA and in the Kilternan Gallery with the Animated Painters group

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