Chateau Chasse Spleen

Possessing a viticultural estate, a spiritual place in essence, called Château Chasse-Spleen, means that we do have a lot to answer for.
In the wine world, ‘nostalgia’ is the prevailing marketing feature. This is something that that we cannot endorse simply to comply with this pretty name: nostalgia drowns in spleen, and spleen is chased out by our wine. What could be more contemporary than a product that is corrected each year on the uncertain principles of natures’ imponderables? Consequently, to the squandered notion of authenticity, with its backward-looking connotations, we tend to prefer the notion of accuracy: accuracy with its’ time (stopwatches and weather forecasts) and its’ appropriateness to today’s world.
Contemporary life keeps on producing good products, riveted to the terroir, and with quality not being solely a thing of the past, it is still possible to produce some. Nowadays, these products are enriched with the contribution of new technologies and with an empiricism informed by successes and past failures.

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