See Saw

Pip and Justin Jarrett refer to themselves as ‘vignerons’ rather than winemakers. It is a burgundian term that attaches the vineyard to the process and suggests the importance of the ‘terroir’ to the wines that are produced. Having worked the same piece of land for over 25 years, this joined up thinking should come as no surprise, and of course it is reflected in the wines themselves.
See Saw represents modern Australia. These are not wines to shout loudly at tasting events, nor wines that tell the story of the winemaker ahead of the region or variety. These are some of the most elegant and of course balanced wines we have ever tasted from Australia. Wines made in the vineyard with restraint at the heart of their style character. The buzz phrase in Australia is ‘dialled back’, these wines are certainly that; some of the most food friendly wines from the New World you will taste.

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