Chateau Perron

Located near the Lalande de Pomerol church, built in the twelfth century by the Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Chateau Perron, in 1642 is one of the oldest properties in the municipality.
In heart of the appellation Lalande de Pomerol, chateau Perron is spread over 23 hectares of vines, 22.5 hectares of AOC Lalande de Pomerol. Perron castle is owned by the Massonie family for three generations. Since 1958, Perron castle management is family, first with Mr Massonie Auguste and his son Michel-Pierre MASSONIE then, since 2000, three children, Beatrice and Bertrand Thibaut represent the Chateau Perron.
Since 1890, the management of the Château Perron ‘s family. First with Mr Augustus F. MASSONIE; then until 2000 by Mr Pierre Michel MASSONIE. Today the three children, Bertrand and Beatrice Thibaut represent Château Perron.

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