Chateau le Crock

The soil of Château Le Crock is made up of gravel, dating from the first Mindel era, as defined by Pierre Bécheler’s geo-pedological study. This gravel from the mid-terraces of the Médoc is the very foundation of the great terroirs of all the Classified Growths of 1855.

The large gravel can be found on the terraces between 23 metres and 16 metres above sea level. From 16 to 10 metres gravelly colluvium and sandy soil predominates. Then between 10 and 6 metres the clay-limestone base of the gravelly terraces appears, and below this, the soils from the marshland and valley floor that form the foot of the embankment. The various types of soils varying from slope to slope are developed to the full thanks to the careful choice of appropriate rootstocks and grape varieties, thus offering a large palette of organoleptic potential for the wines produced from these exceptional terroirs.

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