Chateau D'Archambeau

The Château d’ Archambeau is an area belonging to the Dubourdieu family for several generations . Jean -Philippe Dubourdieu became its owner in 1975. Located in the town of Illats , the vineyard of twenty hectares extends between Barsac and Cérons on the ridge and the southern slopes / southwest Archambeau hillside .
The vineyard integral , functional strength and charm of this property is situated on a hill Unique in the Graves appellation . The plateau , 55 meters above sea level, confidential size , and its slopes are made up of a serious beautiful outcome of pebbles by the waves of the Garonne , freeing summer evenings stored heat … . A mid-slope , clay and limestone outcrops appear , gift of nature , bringing diversity in soils and ideal conditions to realize the Great Sauvignon white wines , but also large structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and essential complexity in the red blends.

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