Vega Sicilia

The endless path to excellence

There are people who believe that the myth of Vega Sicilia was due to its being an aristocratic wine, in scarce supply, and only within the means of a fortunate few; an object of desire that only a privileged minority could enjoy. However, what many do not know, is that the real origin of the legend lies in a story of hope, commitment and patience on the banks of the River Duero, as it runs through the heart of Castilla, where the river laps against and nourishes a unique and exceptional, nearly magical estate.

This wise, hard, gnarled and barren land was destined to something great. It had to join forces with time to fulfil its great dream: to give the best of itself, achieve extraordinary crops that would fill it with pride and show off the splendour of nature. Yet, to do so, land and time needed man’s help. Someone to be their eyes and hands and
farm in line with nature’s rhythms. As only in that way, when we are humble enough to accept nature’s way, do we achieve exceptional results.

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    Vega Sicilia Alion Magnum 2011

    Vintage: 2011

    Price: 160.00

    Info Alion was launched with the 1991 vintage by the famous Vega Sicilia estate. Inspired by the “modern classic” style of top Bordeaux, owner Pablo Alvarez wished to adapt this style of wine to the unique climate and soils in the western Ribera del Duero. Around half the grapes come from Vega Sicilia vineyards, the other […]... Add to cart
  • Pintia-2010.jpg

    Vega Sicilia Pintia 2010 75cl

    Vintage: 2010

    Price: 55.00

    Info Vega Sicilia set themselves an ambitious challenge when they started purchasing vineyards in Toro in 1997. This region was well-known for wines of great character, but little finesse. For 4 years they perfected their style in secret, before finally releasing the 2001 under the name Pintia. Toro is located further along the Duero river from […]... Add to cart
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    Vega Sicilia Reserva Especial

    Price: 450.00

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    Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2009

    Vintage: 2009

    Price: 150.00

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    Vega Sicilia Valbuena 2010

    Vintage: 2010

    Price: 150.00

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