The City of Wexford Print

The City of Wexford Print
Historic colour print of Wexford re-issued.
A copy print of a rare coloured image ‘The City of Wexford’, originally issued in 1820, is now available at Greenacres .The new print is being issued in a limited edition. The original is hanging in Greenacres in what were formerly the premises of M.J. O’Connor & Co.
.The original artwork was carried out by H Mitchell, and was engraved by R Smart in 1820.This large print (the original measures about 4ft by 2ft) shows Wexford full of sailing ships when the port was at its zenith, before the harbour silted up.

“The view is taken from Ferrybank, and prominently features the ‘new‘ bridge, which was constructed entirely of wood, just a few years before , in 1795. We can also see some of the town’s surviving medieval defences, a castle on South Main Street, the Westgate tower and St Selskars church. Two big Georgian houses, both of which survived, Cromwellsfort and what is now St Peters College can be seen on the hills behind. On the towns new quays, crowded with sailing ships we can make out the old courthouse, the new waterfront houses and the noted Crescent –an important feature of Historic Wexford.
The print is rich in detail, including people going about their business, on foot or on horseback, and offers a rare snapshot of life in Wexford nearly 200 years ago.” description by Peter Pearson.

‘In the painting the bridge is a prominent feature and has so much history attached. One of the aspects shown is the Toll Gate, and attempts in those years to evade the toll on the bridge led to all kinds of ways and means of transport – and the situation even made Castlebridge into a boom town with its mills and the canal for easier access to the Slaney so as to travel by boat and avoid the bridge.

Here is a sample of the toll charges in 1835
Coach with 2 horses ~ 2s.3 and ¾.
Four wheel Carriage with 2 horses ~ 1.0
Sedan Chair ~ 6d
Cartload of Dung ~ 1 penny
Loads of Turf and Furze and Milk ~ were Free
A Cow ~ 2d ¾
A Sheep ~ 1d
Butter ~ 2d
Hogshead of Liquor ~ 4 halfpenny
A bag of feathers/Wool ~ 1 penny
A side of Bacon ~ 1 penny
A hundred Oysters ~ 1 penny
Pair of Millstones ~ 5s’
Description by Eithne Scallan

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