Cara Gordon Samuel Beckett Blue

Cara Gordon was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1961. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Newcastle University of Fine Art in 1984 and, in 1991, moved with her family to southern Spain. Cara’s inspiration for her choice of subject is inspired by the visual world surrounding her, particularly the strong southern light native to Spain. In her larger works, such as the Bather series, each composition is built up with strong areas of colour and pattern around a central figure. Deep crimsons and gold to ocean greens and ochre are strongly suggestive of the bright light and iridescent heat of southern Spain. Textiles collected during her travels provide the inspiration for the use of pattern in many of her paintings. Many of the less ornate compositions depict fleeting moments or remembered events, transforming what is a momentary incident into an enduring image. Selected Exhibition Venues include Oisín Gallery, Dublin, Ireland; Magherit Gallery, Madrid, Spain; Ross’s Auction House, Belfast, Northern Ireland; Charles Gilmore, Hollywood, Northern Ireland.I have always been drawn to the surfaces of urban walls, the layers of peeling paint, torn posters and graffiti. Somehow, to me these surfaces evoke the idea of the passing of time and also the fragmented fractured way in which we remember places, events and people. As a direct response to these weathered surfaces that surround us in everyday urban life, I have developed a way of working in collage which begins with building up a surface using discarded documents, old letters, maps, directories etc. sometimes including words and snippets of conversations overheard. The objective here is to create that sense of layering of information, a slightly distorted distressed surface on which to paint or draw the image. Peeling back layers as I work, the final image is a result of layering surface over surface, fractured and broken in some places and sharper and more defined in others, and, with random unexpected elements sometimes coming through – a reflection of how we remember.


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