Green Acres Virtual Tasting – Discover Wine On Line with Raymond Blake – Maison Trimbach

We continue our online ‘Discover Wine’ series with Raymond Blake, themed this time to taste the wines of Maison Trimbach. Many of you have met Raymond over the years during the Opera Festival, others know him through his wine books. His entertaining and informative in-person style has now been transferred online and, together with him, we have developed this series of exclusive tastings to run until year end. Raymond’s approach is relaxed and informal. Tales and anecdotes – culled from 25 years travelling the wine world – are his stock in trade, backed up by enthusiastic opinion and expert advice.

Want to know more about Raymond:

Date: Thursday 15th April 2021, 6.30pm.

Maison Trimbach - Alsace

The Trimbachs’ have a purist vision. For three centuries and across 13 generations, the family has produced wines that are structured, long lived, fruity, elegant and balanced. The family personally looks after each operation, from planting to harvests and from vinification to bottling.The viticultural origin of the Trimbach family dates back to 1626, when Jean Trimbach, was recognized as a citizen of Riquewihr. From then on, the Trimbachs’ were renowned for their wine-growing. Maison Trimbach’s vineyards are all situated around Ribeauville (Ribeauville, Hunawihr, Bergheim, Rorschwihr, Riquewihr and Mittlewihr). They benefit from the unique Alsatian microclimate, thanks to the Vosges Mountains protection, which preserves the plain from the rain. The vineyards were planted on the Ribeauville’s fault line that fractured 50 million years ago between the Vosges Mountain range and the Black Forest offering a mosaic of terroirs including the complex calcareous limestone and bio-degraded seashell fossils called “Muschelkalk”.

“No assessment of the wines of Alsace would be complete without mention of Trimbach. What they possess, above all else, is a clear, precise and unequivocal identity. Not for Trimbach the wishy-washy, user-friendly, offend-no-palates style of wine with which the world seems to be awash these days. Their wines stand upright and correct, some might say austere. They demand your full attention and reward repeated tasting. Their secret, particularly in the Rieslings, is acidity, a vein of pure, tingling, mouthwatering acid that enlivens every sip and refreshes the palate, leaving it keenly anticipating more. Restraint is the key. Trimbach wines are never flashy.” Raymond Blake

The Trimbach Style in their own words:
“Concentrated not heavy; fruity, not sweet; bracing rather than fat; polite rather than voluptuous".

Mini Theme: “The ‘Grand’ Challenge”
“’When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’” In vinous France the same could be said for ‘Grand’ – on the night we will see how it changes meaning as it travels around French wine regions – and also look at its controversial application in Alsace.

 Price per household: €150

Limited to 16 households.

We will taste:
- Riesling Selection de Vieilles Vignes 2016
- Riesling Cuvee Frederick Emile 2011
- Pinot Noir Reserve 2016

Your tasting pack will include:
- A bottle of each selected wine
- Instructions for the tasting
- Tasting Mat
- A Tasting sheet for you to fill out with your tasting notes
- Information on the Producer
- An order sheet with a special discount code for orders

Optional Extras:
- Green Acres Cheese, Pate & Charcuterie Board suitable for 1-2 people (€20 surplus)


Once you have registered for the event your pack will be sent to you approximately 5 days prior, to ensure it is there on time.

A link to the Zoom event will be sent to you 24 hours prior to the event.

You will need a laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone to connect to Zoom with a reasonable internet connection.

The event will consist of a 30-minute presentation and tasting from Raymond, illustrated with a PowerPoint ’slide show’, followed by Q&A, to run for about one hour in total.

We will have all participants muted for the presentation to avoid feedback through the microphones and speakers.

Participants can unmute themselves to ask questions after Raymond’s Presentation.

If you wish to be notified of future virtual tastings please email to register your interest.


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