Green Acres Virtual Tasting – Discover Wine On Line with Raymond Blake – Bourgogne Rouge

We continue our online ‘Discover Wine’ series with Raymond Blake, who has recently returned from Burgundy. Many of you have met Raymond over the years during the Opera Festival, others know him through his wine books. His entertaining and informative in-person style has now been transferred online and, together with him, we have developed this series of exclusive tasting to run until year end. Raymond’s approach is relaxed and informal. Tales and anecdotes – culled from 25 years travelling the wine world – are his stock in trade, backed up by enthusiastic opinion and expert advice. Those 25 years have now been compressed into his next book, Wine Talk, due to be published in New York early in 2022.Want to know more about Raymond: Thursday 16th September 2021, 6.30pm Bourgogne Rouge Bruno Lorenzon, Mercurey 1er cru Champs Martin 2012“… a single name springs to mind when considering the wines of Mercurey: Bruno Lorenzon. If wines can be spoken of in such terms his are precision engineered, accurately crafted expressions of origin and winemaking philosophy, and nobody elaborates on his winemaking with such compelling intensity as Lorenzon, whose etched features match his engaging delivery.”Raymond Blake, World of Fine Wine Issue 71 Jean-Marc Pillot, Chassagne-Montrachet Vieilles Vignes 2017  “Red Chassagne-Montrachet is hidden burgundy, known to locals and well-informed consumers but largely overlooked otherwise… As an introduction to red burgundy there’s hardly a wine to match Chassagne rouge. Time was when it was a bit coarse, a country-cousin red, but today sees greater finesse and precision of flavour; the rustic rasp is still there but it doesn’t dominate the way it once did. Red Chassagne remained hidden because the ‘Montrachet’ in the name suggested this was exclusively white wine country. It deserves greater recognition, and is beginning to get some, but it remains the preserve of savvy consumers.”Raymond Blake, Côte d’Or P48 Bruno Clair, Morey-Saint-Denis En La Rue de la Vergy 2014“Bruno Clair doesn’t like to ‘stand in front of the wines’, preferring to let the terroir message come through as strongly as possible. From the mouths of some that can be a vacant claim but not here, where each wine sings its own song, reflecting the terroir whence it came, first, and the hand that made it, second. The winemaking approach is flexible and thus there isn’t an easily identifiable house style. ‘Every year is different, every appellation is different,’ says Clair when asked about his methods.”Raymond Blake, Côte d’Or P67  Mini-theme: Poor Old Gamay Duke Philip the Bold banned Gamay in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or in 1395 with the following declaration: “And this Gamay wine is of such a nature that it is extremely harmful to humans, people who drank it were infected with serious diseases because the wine which comes from the plant… is full of huge and horrible bitterness… For this reason we order all who have Gamay vines to cut them down… within five months.” Was ever a grape so damned as Gamay? Given the quality of today’s top Beaujolais, it’s time Duke Philip ate his words… Price per household: €195Limited to 16 households Your tasting pack will include: - A bottle of each selected wine - Instructions for the tasting - Tasting Mat - A Tasting sheet for you to fill out with your tasting notes - Information on the Producer - An order sheet with a special discount code for ordersOptional Extras: - Green Acres Cheese, Pate & Charcuterie Board suitable for 1-2 people (€20 surplus)Format/Duration: Once you have registered for the event your pack will be sent to you approximately 5 days prior, to ensure it is there on time.A link to the Zoom event will be sent to you 24 hours prior to the event.You will need a laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone to connect to Zoom with a reasonable internet connection.The event will consist of a 30-minute presentation and tasting from Raymond, illustrated with a PowerPoint ’slide show’, followed by Q&A, to run for about one hour in total.We will have all participants muted for the presentation to avoid feedback through the microphones and speakers.Participants can unmute themselves to ask questions after Raymond’s Presentation. If you wish to be notified of future virtual tastings please email to register your interest.


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