Ted Jones Portrait of an Emigrant

Ted Jones Portrait of an EmigrantTed was born in Dublin in 1952. He was the son of an amateur painter and was always encouraged to draw from a very early age by him. Ted developed and nurtured his immense talent as an artist through many years spent in the army. After the army Ted spent time as a pathologist’s assistant. He has led a colorful and varied life, spending time in France and England. However most of his life has been spent in the country of his birth. Living mainly in Dublin he frequently visits Killarney where his, since curbed, passion for the wares of the brewer along with his superb Dublin wit and interaction with the locals have by now indelibly etched him into the history of the town.Ted has been painting full-time since 1980. He is completely absorbed by his work and paints seven days a week, yet he is still only capable of producing a small block of work. Less than 30 people on our planet get to own a Ted Jones original painting.In late 1998 his work was published for the first time in the form of two signed limited edition prints, “Grace” a beautiful study of a nude in a bathroom and “Greed” the first in a series of seven prints on Ted’s interpretation of The Seven Deadly Sins. These were followed early in 1999 by “Envy” the second of the series, “The Streets of London are paved with gold” and “The Hens Night”. His emotionally charged portraits of emigrants, his pub scenes depicting, a sadly, now vanishing era of Irish pub life and his sensitive and beautiful nudes are the treasured possessions of private collectors, investment house and business institutions the world over. 


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