Special occasions

Wine Tasting

Green Acres Wine Tasting Room

We hold wine tasting dinners almost every month. They are either theme based and hosted by a visiting Chateau owner, a sommelier or our own experts James and Donal. Check the events schedule here or contact us to book in advance.

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Corporate Hospitality

Green Acres Corporate Hospitality space

We have many different spaces that can be used for corporate entertaining, from 10 – 110 people. We have a wine tasting room, a whiskey tasting room and other areas we can adapt to suit your needs.

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Party time

Green Aces Party Space in shop

Our tasting area on the shop floor can be used for a variety of purposes. You can use it to sample our comprehensive range of wines and/or spirits, book it for a private group or join our informal wine tasting groups (please ask for Donal when booking this).

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