Welcome to the Green Acres wine experience. From 25 years of travelling, James O’Connor and Donal Morris have assembled a multi award winning wine list. On their tasting travels they have built long-term relationships with some of the finest wine producers in the world.

The wine and spirits experience in Green Acres is second to none in the SE Region and perhaps, in all of Ireland. There is a fantastic display of their wine list all over the building, a wine tasting room, a whiskey tasting room and a day-to-day tasting area right on the shop floor.

In addition, there is a bar area that serves spirts (27 gin varieties – including Green Acres Irish Gin), craft beer, draught cider and much more. There are monthly wine tasting dinners, wine courses and the hands-on experience of James and Donal to help you through the experience.

You will sample the personality of the brand when you attend one of their Winewednesdays or TGIF (thankginitsfriday) get-togethers in the late afternoon. We have no doubt that that you will discover something in Green Acres that suits your taste.